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Education Foundation

The Education Foundation gives OLMA teachers the opportunity to apply for grants to fund projects that bring creative learning into the classroom - things that go beyond what is covered by the school budget and wouldn't otherwise be available. Multi-cultural, inter-disciplinary, inter-grade level, co-curricular and team projects are encouraged. The Foundation seeks to fund original projects that will enrich the educational experience at OLMA.

The grant criteria will ask the following:

  1. Is this project exceptional, innovative and original?

  2. Does this project actively involve and stimulate student learning?

  3. Can this project be replicated or shared on the grade level, school level, now and/or in the future?

A grant could range from as little as $25, to as much as $1,000. It could be for a specific computer software program a teacher believes will bring extras to the curriculum, to science equipment or materials for a hands-on science lab. The only limits are our teachers' imaginations!

The Foundation is not an Endowment Fund. We do not raise hundreds of thousands of dollars and make grants from the interest. We plan to spend what we take in each year. A modest goal would be $5,000 - $10,000 per year.