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Art Education
An Art education program should consist of more than just arts and crafts activities. The Our Lady of Mercy Academy art curriculum is designed to improve the students' technical vocabularies, increase their appreciation of various art forms, and provide outlets for their creativity.

Primary Level - At the primary level, the program emphasizes art as a way for children to express themselves and their perception of the world around them. The children are introduced to specific terms, concepts, and experiences to art. Color, line, and form are stressed, and major artists are introduced throughout the year.

Intermediate Level - Students at the intermediate level begin to use their art background to study the basic principles of art. Their understanding of the artistic process is reinforced through a variety of techniques. The Masters and the concept of design are also introduced and discussed.

At the upper grade level, the art program stresses critical thinking and problem solving skills. Seventh and eighth grade students work on projects that require them to think creatively and to apply their knowledge of art principles and techniques in the planning, development, and execution of the assignment.

Throughout the grades, Our Lady of Mercy Academy art curriculum encourages creative expression and helps students to appreciate the world and all its beauty.

The goals of Our Lady of Mercy Academy are:

To introduce music appreciation in a manner that enhances and supports all other subject areas.
To develop recognition skills of key signatures and music composition
To provide a source of reinforcement and to install confidence in the musical beginner through a wide range of note-reading and writing activities.

In all grades we establish a foundation in and an understanding of the basic elements of melody, rhythm, harmony and dynamics.

In grades Pre-K through 3, we use the Kindermusic Program which incorporates percussion and mallet instruments to develop an awareness of rhythm patterns. Students in grades 2 and 3 learn to play the recorder.

In grades 4 through 6, we introduce basic music theory and composition to give the students the background needed to enjoy music. They become acquainted with a variety of styles and representative works.

In grades 7 and 8, we study music history. The students are introduced to music from different eras, which include the renaissance, classical, baroque. romantic, and modern periods. We also study more advanced music theory.

Liturgical awareness and vocal preparation for participation at Mass enhance our formal music program.

Our special events and activities are:

School Liturgies
Christmas Concerts
Spring Concerts
May Crowning
Kindergarten Celebration
Eighth Grade Graduation
School Choir
Handbell Choir