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Our Computer Media Center provides an environment where computer technology is incorporated into the entire learning experience. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge required to use computer technology in a safe, ethical and effective way to help achieve their educational goals.

Program Features
Beginning in preschool and kindergarten, students are introduced to technology. Through the use of age appropriate programs, they learn how a computer works and how to use the keyboard and mouse.

Keyboarding is introduced in grade 1, and students practice keyboarding skills through grade 5. Beginning in grade 2, students are also introduced to Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel through the use of software designed specifically for the early grades. Beginning in grade 3 and continuing until they graduate, students learn how to use a computer network and use Microsoft Office products.

As part of our collaborative program, math teachers work with the Media Center teachers to provide research opportunities for the students. Students use a variety of online and print resources to gather information and cite sources. In addition, students learn the nuances of Internet searching, Internet navigation, and website evaluation. Students learn to compile, organize, and present information using Microsoft Office products. The curriculum also stresses the importance of ethics when using information sources.

We recognize the fact that the Internet, while providing numerous learning opportunities to our students, also poses many dangers. Therefore, Internet safety, both in school and at home, is emphasized throughout the computer curriculum.