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New/Transfer Students FAQ


I have enrolled my child in Our Lady of Mercy Academy. He/She is currently attending another elementary school. What is my next step?

Your next step is to call the School Office at (201) 391-3838 and make an appointment for your child to come and spend a day at OLMA. 

My child has not studied a world language or he/she has studied a world language other than Spanish. What can we do to facilitate the transition to OLMA?

Incoming transfer students have the option to take their first trimester of Spanish either as a Pass/Fail course or to audit the first trimester. Parents can request this option at the beginning of the year. A letter should be sent to the school office. If you would like to borrow a Spanish textbook over the summer, this can be arranged with the School Office.

My child attended public school where religion is not part of the daily curriculum. What prayers should he/she know so he/she can fully participate at OLMA?

At OLMA religion is a part of the daily routine. Morning and afternoon prayers are said with the student's teacher and classmates. Students should know the Our Father, Hail Mary, Act of Contrition, The Morning Offering, and The Memorare. Students should also be familiar with the rosary. Please refer to the Prayer Sheet on our website under the Student section.

When does OLMA teach cursive writing?

Cursive writing is taught in the second grade. If your child is entering the third grade and has not learned cursive writing, we suggest you buy a cursive writing book and practice over the summer. In September, please send a note to your child's teacher and advise them that your child has not yet been taught cursive writing.

What happens if the class has mastered a skill that my child has not learned yet?

Notify you child's teacher in September. He/she will provide the student with extra help until the skill is mastered.

How do I know which uniform to buy for my child?

The uniform code is listed on the school website www.olmacademy.org . There is also a link to our school uniform company - Flynn & O'Hara. Please note that summer uniforms may be worn until October 15th and after April 15th. We prefer that students wear the uniform shoe and sneaker. If for some reason this is not possible, the sneaker must be predominately white with navy trim. Sneakers may not be worn with winter dress uniforms. Sneakers may be worn with the summer uniform.

Where can I find the School Handbook?

There is a general School Handbook for all grades, as well as a Middle School Handbook for Grades 5-8. These handbooks can be found on our school website under both the Parent and Student sections. 

PARENTS AND STUDENTS MUST sign the acknowledgement form after reading the Handbook and return it to the school office.   It is important that all families especially familiarize themselves with the policies dealing with grading, uniforms, family fundraising obligation and parishioner/non-parishioner tuition rates.

I would like my child to meet some students in his/her grade over the summer to ease the transition to a new school. What can I do?

The school will have the name and telephone number of the class parents ambassador for your child's grade. Call the school office at (201) 391-3838 and ask this contact information. Call and introduce yourself as a new OLMA parent. The class parent ambassador will be happy to assist you. Children entering younger grades will have the opportunity to meet many of their classmates at the Popsicle Play Date get- together in late summer.