Our Lady of Mercy Academy

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The Mission of Our Lady of Mercy Academy is to provide an education that meets the needs of each child spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and socially. We give witness to our Catholic faith, affirm Christian values, and foster a love of learning.


Our Lady of Mercy Academy is a Catholic elementary school that provides a quality academic education while advancing the objective of seeking Jesus as a model for daily living. The faculty and administration of Our Lady of Mercy Academy recognize that each student is unique. We challenge our students to think creatively and critically, to realize their potential, and to work for social justice. We affirm parents as partners by encouraging their support and participation in the education of their children. We provide an atmosphere that fosters an awareness and understanding of community needs at a local and global level.

Our spiritual goals are to love God and to seek Him, to love one another as Christ loves us, and to learn the precepts and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. Our academic goals are to implement a well balanced curriculum, stimulate curiosity, and address multiple learning styles to meet the needs of each individual.

We advance these goals by encouraging achievement through high standards, strong motivation, and effective discipline. We teach, reinforce, and practice Christian attitudes and behaviors toward all people. We accomplish these goals through prayer, study, and action within a caring, loving Christian setting.