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Extended Care
School Notes
name degree grade yrs. at OLM yrs. of
Mrs. Laraine Meehan B.A. English
M.A. Elementary/Secondary School Administration & Supervision
Principal 20 30+
Mrs. Amanda Addvensky

B.S. Psychology
M.S. Education
NY & NJ Certification N-6

Grade 1 8 11
Miss Kaitlyn Bentzen B.S. Elementary & Special Education Kindergarten 1 2
Mrs. Katharine Borghoff B.A. Psychology
Elementary Education Certificate
Grade 4 13 22
Mrs. Joanne Bower B.A. Music Music 5 20+
Mrs. Julia Brennan B.A. Accounting
P3 Certified
Pre-School 5 5
Ms. Debbie Burns B.S. Psychology
Masters in Childhood Education
7th Grade 2 2
Mrs. Elizabeth Butcher   Kindergarten Aide 16 16
Mrs. Mary Butler/Mrs. Kathleen Meagher B.A. Business Administration
Masters of Science in Teaching M.S.T.
Early Childhood Certification
Elementary Education Certification
Grade 2 7 8
Miss Laura Butterworth B.S. Elementary Education/English Grade 8 16 18
Ms. Regina Carbone RN Nurse 2 2
Mrs. Mary Cieszko RN, BSN Nurse 10 29
Miss Erin Connolly

B.A. Elementary Education
M.A, Special Education (in progress)

Grade 5 1 2

Mr. Leo Conwell
Middle School Education Division Coordinator

B.A. Communications
M.A. Elementary Education
Masters in Special Education
Grade 5 10 11
Mrs. Angela Daguanno B.S. English/Communications
M.S. Education/Special Education
Reading Resource 3 3
Mrs. Barbara DeLuise B.A. Elementary Education
Early Childhood Certificate
Resource/Remedial Education 10 20
Mrs. Melanie DePaola Associate Degree Tuition Manager
A.S.K. Director
17 17
Mrs. Anna Maria DePinho B.S. Mathematics
M.S. Computer Science
Grade 8 3 10
Mrs. Grace DiVerita NYSATAS - Teaching Assistant Certification
Preschool CDA Certification
B.A. Early Childhood Education and Special Education (in progress)
Pre-School Aide 3 3
Ms. Antoinette Fedele

B.S. in Education
M.A. in Literacy Education

Grade 6 2 2
Mrs. Amanda Furletti A.A. Applied Science Kindergarten Aide 5 5
Miss Christina Gordon B.S. Elementary Education/English
Master of Science in Special Education
Grade 2 12 12
Ms. Stephanie Hanak B.A. Psychology/Elementary Education
Certified Grades K-8 with Middle School Language Arts
Grade 7 9 13
Mrs. Diana Quevedo-Gouldsbury B.A. Psychology Spanish 8 9
Mrs. MaryAnn Harshberger B.A. Elementary Education Grade 3 14 21
Mrs. Melissa Hoffmann B.A. Elementary Education/English Kindergarten 15 15

Mrs. Marie Johnson
Primary Education Division Coordinator

B.A. Elementary Education Grade 3 21 28
Dr. Thomas Kavanagh PhD Psychology, Licensed School & Clinical Psychologist School Psychologist 14 30+
Mrs. Karen Lawrence B.A. French/Education
M.A. Library Service
Media Center 16 20
Mrs. Mary-Ellen Logan Administrative Assistant   20+ 20+
Mrs. Jacqueline Mansbach B.S. Business/Marketing
Elementary Education Certificate
Grade 1 8 9
Mrs. Kathleen Meagher

B.A. Elementary Education

M.S. Multicultural Education

Grade 2 1 15
Miss Megan O'Shea B.S. Fine Arts
C.E. for Teacher Art
Art 3 3
Miss Daniella Pic B.A. English
B.S. Education
Grade 6 3 3
Mrs. Eileen Purtell
Early Education Division Coordinator
B.A. Econ/Elementary Education
M.S. Elementary Education
Early Child Certification
Pre-School through
Grade 1
40 40+
Mr. Jerryl Pulis

B.A. Literature/Psychology
Certifications - Elementary/English/Mathematics/Science
C.E. - Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Resorce, Language Arts
Grades 6 and 7
5 7
Mrs. Suzanne Russo B.S. Business Administration
Early Childhood Certification
Pre-School 11 12
Mr. Rick Sutton BBA  Computer Science
MBA  Business Administration
Technology 11 30+
Mrs. Amy Torchio B.S. Criminal Justice
C.E. Teacher of the Handicapped
Resource 3 17
Mr. Robert Wetzelberger B.S. Criminal Justice
M.A. Education
Physical Education 3 3
Mrs. Denise Willard B.A. Elementary Education/Sociology Grade 4 15 16
Mrs. Peggy Ziltz   Pre-School Aide 1 1
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